Taike Mining Equipment

Person:Mr. Jack Zong


Address:No.16A03 G.M.,Tongling City, Anhui Province, China

We're a professional manufacturer and specialized in researching and manufacturing rock drills machine, pneumatic tools. Main products: Y19A Y20 Y24 Y26 hand held rock drill, YT24 YT27 YT28 YT29A air leg rock drill , G7 G9 G10 G11 G20 pneumatic pick hammer, B70 B90 B87C pneumatic breaker.Always for concept to "technology  innovation lead the development, superior quality achieve reputation" and for purpose to "Care the details, seek the efficient,request the quality,invent the future" to produce high-quality products for our customers.

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Company Name:Taike Mining Equipment   Address:No.16A03 G.M.,Tongling City, Anhui Province, China   Tel:0562-2885988

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