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The introduction of some commonly used pneumatic rock drills

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Rock drill is a widely used rock drilling and blasting tools. It's mainly use for drilling small holes in rock or hard rock in order to blast the rocks. In addition, this pneumatic rock drill can also be used for breaking and destroying concrete or hard layer .

According to their power sources, rock drill can be classified as pneumatic rock drill, internal combustion rock drill , electric rock drill and hydraulic rock drill.
YT24 and YT28 air leg rock drill is the best mature product, with economical and easy operation. It's the best sales products.

YT27 air leg rock drill is a high frequency drilling machine, but which the worst disadvantage is the piston easy to broken.

YT29A air leg rock drill is the most powerful drilling machine, It's widely used in underground mining, tunnel for 32~45mm holes drilling works. It can drill max upto 6 meter.

Y24 hand held rock drill is a tough and reliable portabe drilling machine, suitable for drilling most small holes where the angle of the hole is straight downwards.

YSP45 stoper rock drill is a integral rock drill macine, mainly used for drilling holes where the angle of th hole is straigh upwards.


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