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Researching about YN27C YN27A &YN27J gasoline hammer drill

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The combustion gasoline rock drill YN27 is a high efficient drill machine. It adapt to outside situations where there is no water, no electronic power and no air compressor. It can be used as a tool for breaking, percussive drilling, tamping splitting or ramming.
Prior we have provide three types gasoline rock drillL: YN27C YN27A & YN27J
But because of the passive feedback of YN27C from the market, we're planing to stop producing this type. We will provide other two types: YN27A & YN27J.
YN27J & YN27A both are good quality, can use for rock drilling and breaking.
The main difference is transform mode when working from drilling to breaking.
YN27J have a switch on the head use to adjust the transform mode from breaking to drilling.
YN27A need to change another adapter to adjust the transform mode from breaking to drilling.
YN27A we mainly sell internal nd YN27J we mainly sell in abroad. We get 100% positive feedback fo these two types.

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